Brechin Road

A large two storey extension is added to transform an urban stone built villa for an extended family. The house lacked of a prominent staircase occupancy as it was originally two flats.

The new extension follows the plan of the villa replacing two existing extensions within the ā€œLā€ shape of the house, constrained by the boundary on three sides but extending further into the garden to the West. A new open curved staircase and gallery links the existing villa to a new kitchen dining opening onto the garden, master bedroom and three new bathrooms.

The form of the plan keeps the visual impact to the street to a minimum and makes better use of the garden. The new extension has been designed to read as visually distinct from and in contrast to the original house. Windows have been placed where the extension abuts the house to further emphasize this. The new roof has been kept lower than the original house so that the house remains visually dominant. The use of stone and timber cladding again contrasts the old and the new.