St Davids

St David’s Residential Home is formed from two 2-storey detached stone villas with a large single storey brick extension to the rear. Our brief was to integrate the second of the villas, used as the manager’s house, extending the home and improving the circulation between the three parts of the building.

A new “T” shaped extension houses a lift and new staircase with a link corridor at first floor level to the rear connecting the two houses. Six new bedrooms are provided with enhanced accommodation and facilities.

Glazing has been used extensively to allow light into the interior and give a connection to the street with views to the hills to the North. Timber panels maintain privacy.

The statutory requirement for new services: fire management and detection, sprinklers and a call system were introduced as discreetly as possible in liaison with specialist consultants.

The result is a minimum intervention to resolve a complex brief to integrate three existing buildings.